Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Helpful Cats

When I showed you this drawing last week, I neglected to mention that I had a little help from the Kitten Caboodle when I was making it.

Did you know that cats can be very helpful when one is making art? After checking out all the options

they will help you choose just the right coloured pencil:

although there may be a difference of opinion over which pencil:

and heaven knows, I shouldn't have to pick out punchinella all by myself:

Some cats might also wish to help with administrative duties, such as packaging:

and order processing:

Then again, when you've got 3 assistants on the go already, it helps when number 4 decides to keep out of the fray:

1 comment:

kate mckinnon said...

They are so cute. Thank you for cat pictures tonight!