Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday at Journalfest

First day of class today at Journalfest.  I'm taking a class with Juliana Coles, from whom I took a class last year as well.
Juliana and me JF 2010
The class is called "It Is Written".  Here is how it is described on the JF website: 

"Experience the Art of the expressionistic letterform in this Extreme Visual Journaling Workshop that puts the emphasis on written text as image. Learn to integrate text with images to practice speech, language, and lettering as an artform as we first set up various mixed media backgrounds and then layer different text styles to stretch our techniques for verbal expression. Learn to develop patience and attention to every detail of what is written by considering that text is as important to the image as the image itself. We will practice lettering using many different script creating tools such as pens, pencils, stick and ink, fine brush w/acrylic in ways you never considered and even how to give rubber stamped letters and alphabets your hand drawn touch. In this workshop you will learn to speak and write your own words, rather than quoting some external source. Take your expression to the next level with these techniques that will carry over into all other art forms where text can be used as art."

Last year's class with Juliana was pretty intense, so I am interested to see how this one goes!

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Taylor schapiro said...

Hope your class went well and you are enjoying everything. Say hi to everyone from me.