Friday, October 14, 2011

Not Quite the Perfect System

Okay, I admit it - having cats as assistants is not exactly a perfect system.  Case in point - when they start to play with the props. 

Followed by eating the props.

Although there were some interesting acrobatics along the way:

Those pieces they don't eat, I have to sweep up.

Who could have guessed the cats would like dried leaves so much? I did get a really cool journal page background out of the experience though.

Ah well, as they say in the art world, back to the drawing board!


Taylor schapiro said...

Oh my gosh what is going on there? And that's when you see what they are actually doing. Think about what they are doing while you are away. You might need a kitty cam to keep an eye on them.

Liesel said...

Cynthia, your kitty is ADORABLE!! What a sweetheart! Yes, those studio assistants can be rascals can't they? : ) See you soon at Journalfest!!!!!!!