Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend we had!  The weather could not have been better - three days of perfect fall weather - warm, sunny, dry.  Got to spend time with my beloved sister and mother and some of our dear friends. 

Colourful trees glowing in the sunlight:

Comfortable temperatures (we didn't need a fire at night, it was that warm)

Beautiful sunsets preceded the glow of a full moon:

Followed by cool, misty mornings:

Mother Nature left her calling card everywhere you looked:

My sister made a delicious turkey dinner on Saturday night:

which we shared with our good friend Dorothy (on the left), pictured here with my Mom:

and her dog P.D., who enjoyed collecting leaves in his shaggy coat:

(There were enough leftovers for an identical meal on Sunday night and let me tell you, it was just as tasty the second night!)

Got to play about two hours of tennis two days in a row:

plus took a walk down a forest lane, enjoyed one last trip to the local junky antique stores (more on that later) and we made a start on raking and bagging the leaves.

All in all, one of the best Thanksgiving weekends ever!!  For which I am most grateful.


Anonymous said...

Can I come next year? I'll help rake leaves!

Nancy Melbourn said...

What glorious pictures. And what's with the weather? Aren't you lucky! My parents are in Ottawa and they were saying how wonderful it was to be swimming at the Cottage. I really do miss the falls now that I live in Calgary. Keep up the great work with Supplies Me and keep in contact.
Your Supplies Me friend!

Taylor schapiro said...

You look so much like your Mom. Glad you had fun. I see the leaf collecting has started.