Monday, September 26, 2011

Shopping at Aberfoyle

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I did pick up a few treasures at the Aberfoyle outdoor antique market the other day, besides the vintage photo album I told you about the other day.

I got a hardcover children's book that is Peter Pan on one side and Alice in Wonderful on the other.  Funny thing is, when I got home, I discovered I already had one just like it - how did that happen? (so if anyone would like a copy, let me know!)

I got a bundle of french music books, wrapped in brown paper marked 1959 and deliciously aged (because Maria Von Trapp isn't the only one who has an affinity for brown paper packages tied up with string!).

I got a Partridge Family trading card, for nostalgia's sake.  I remember collecting these cards when I was young, they came in a package with a stick of gum.  It was a bit scary how many of them looked familiar as I flipped through the selection on hand to choose from.  I liked this one because it has the whole family and the bus, and okay, yes, because Keith (a.k.a. David Cassidy) looked cute (as always)!

I got an old issue of Popular Mechanics and a LIFE Science Library book about Time that I had to have simply because I loved the watch face on the cover (for $2, I couldn't resist). It was published in 1966 and for all I know, the science inside is completely out of date by now but it's still quite interesting and the old photos are entertaining.

But the best finds came from a vendor who had several boxes of old envelopes, stamps, maps, black and white photos and various pieces of ephemera for sale at the fabulous price of 3 for $1.00.  I spent a long time in his booth, going through what he had and I got tired long before I got through it all.  For a grand total of $15, I got some old maps:

several old security envelopes (including one from the newspaper in my hometown postmarked 1955 with a five cent stamp attached), several of which are either filled or covered with stamps (I focused on North America):

and one which was filled with pictures of France (several of Mont Saint-Michel, which I wish to visit some day):

and a bunch of old B&W photos.

As you can see, I picked up lots of vintage goodies with which to create things in the days ahead!

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Taylor schapiro said...

Better get busy working away with your materials. Are you going to Paris?