Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodbye August

As if we couldn't tell by the suddenly cool temperatures and grey skies the past few days, we've moved out of August and into September, which means it's time to flip the page on the calendar.

I didn't really want to say goodbye to Coda, the clearly happy mutt that graced the August page of the Toronto Humane Society's 2011 calendar - his smiling face had been making me smile me up all month!

But when I flipped the page, I fell in love with little Rex and knew I would be quite content to look at his adorable little face for the next few weeks, even if time is marching steadily on towards fall and it is cool and cloudy outside.


Jane Perala said...

Ahhhh - so very cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm a cat person but Coda made me smile.

kate mckinnon said...

Oh, Rex!

Taylor schapiro said...

I am crushing on Coda. You can have the cute little kitten, just send Coda my way. Will he need a passport.? I bet Jane's class will be good. Since I have yet to start Mary Ann's and want to do PMC and am somehow taking Italian on Tuesday nights I had to decline, but I know I would love just listening to her. Do enjoy.