Monday, September 5, 2011

Power Out

Just as we were starting to think about making dinner last night, the power went off at the cottage.  It was only 5:30 p.m. and although it had been a grey and rainy day, there was still light outside so it wasn't a problem at first.  We had a laugh when Mom went to heat something up in the microwave and every time we flipped a light switch on before remembering that wasn't going to help.  After about an hour, we drove in to town to pick up dinner at the fish and chip truck (delicious! why had we never done this before?) and brought it back to the cottage to eat by candlelight.

The candles and kerosene lamp stayed lit for the rest of the evening until we went to bed just after 10.  Had fun playing with my camera as the sun set, the colours of the twilight sky were astounding and the candles reflected in the window were so pretty.
7:30 pm - journalling by candlelight
7:43 pm - from the outside looking in
7:46 pm - from the inside looking out
8:15 pm - pink and purple delight

8:38 pm
9:23 pm
Power wasn't restored until about 1 a.m. and by then, I was sound asleep.  Grateful to wake up to running water and a flushing toilet.  Extra bonus - a defrosted freezer!

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