Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Almost Didn't

I almost didn't go to the last outdoor antique show of the season today. If I'd had to decide based on yesterday's heavy rainfall and forecast predictions, I would have stayed home.  Luckily for me and everyone else at the show, including all the vendors with their fabulous goodies, the day dawned dry and by nine a.m., just as I was arriving at Aberfoyle, the sun was starting to come out.  It ended up being a very warm, sunny day, perfect weather for strolling around looking at vintage and antique delights of all sorts.

I saw this exquisite old Japanese photo album at the first table I stopped at, right next to the admissions booth.  The raised figures on the cover were made out of ebony and ivory, according to the vendor, but the price tag of $275 was way out of my reach. 

I almost didn't even look inside, until she told me the pages were hand-painted on silk and that there were old postcards in there as well.  Look how beautiful they were!

I almost didn't buy the next (and only other) vintage photo album I saw.  It seemed way too large, measuring 13 inches tall, 11 inches wide and a full 3 inches deep.  It's really heavy to lift and I told myself I just didn't need another album.  But the cover design was so unusual, with all of the various images stamped in gold on the burgundy leather cover (a globe, a crescent moon, palm trees, something that looks like a sea serpent, a stork eating a snake - I assume the album is Oriental in origin from the design in the bottom right hand corner), I kept going back to see if it was still there and flip through the pages again (all of which are in good shape).  In the end, I couldn't resist the $30 price tag and I ended up bringing it home with me. 

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