Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Impractical Room

The hotel suite I stayed in while in Niagara Falls this past week was nice enough.  It had a spectacular view of the Falls:

but it wasn't really a very practical room for two work colleagues or people that are not related to each other and/or in love, although it's probably a great idea for a family with a couple of kids. There were two bedrooms separated by a hallway but only one door blocking off that hallway, leading into the larger bedroom.  As a result, not a lot of privacy for the person in the 2nd room when the other person was going in and out of the washroom or using the small kitchenette tucked into the hallway. And there was only one closet, located in the first bedroom.  Not to mention the fact that you had to walk through the first bedroom to get to the second when you entered the room from the outside.
Then there was the bathroom.  It had a lovely big tub that looked like it would be wonderful to bathe in, although sadly, I did not have time to take advantage of it:

But as you can see, there was a window in the bathroom! Said window looked into the bedroom shown above.

Luckily, there was a shade that could be lowered for privacy. Given that this wasn't a romantic weekend away with the man of my dreams, I was actually sharing the room with my boss, that shade went down as soon as we arrived and stayed down for the entire two days we were there.

Alas, my boss pulled rank and took the room with the view (although I intend to bring these photos to my performance review in January to use as blackmail if needed).   Which left me with a bedroom that was okay, but was really just a regular hotel room with a comfortable bed, a TV, a couple of pictures on the wall...and no view. In fact, no windows at all.

Unless you count the view from the kitchenette, which was pretty spectacular for a hallway window, I must admit:

But that's okay, we were only there to sleep anyway and luckily, my boss and I get along well, so we had an enjoyable time.  Still, I think I'd like to stay there again some day, sleep in the bedroom with a view with the curtain open so I could see that amazing view of the Falls as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, and make time to try out that tub - preferably with a cute guy.  What the heck, a girl can dream! :)

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Anonymous said...

What a peculiar setup! Love your pix.