Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wildlife Photography

I have the greatest admiration for those photographers who wait patiently in the wild for the perfect shot, especially after the past few weeks with these kittens.  Trying to get a picture of them that looks any good is hard, and getting a good shot of black haired kittens seems even harder.

Oh sure, it's easy to take pictures of them - I have taken over 300 so far - but getting one that is any good is another story.  Part of the problem is that they move so darned fast, they only stay still for longer than a second or two at time.  So more often than not, you get pictures that look like this:

the blurry and slightly spooky shot

the back of the head shot
the blurry half a kitten shot
the butt shot
 and my personal favourite:

the "there used to be a kitten on this carpet a second ago" shot
But I persevere, and occasionally I am rewarded.  In addition to the many shots that don't turn out, there are several that do and will be nice to look back on some day when these kittens are gone.  And every once in a while, I get one or two that are, I think, extra special.
Oh yeah, and I bought myself a new camera.  A Nikon D3100, which takes pictures faster.  That helps too!  :)


Laura Twiford said...

This last shot of the little black and white kitten is precious and I laughed at the empty carpet shot! You will love the new camera, I got a new one a few months ago and am really just getting to figure it all out now. Unfortunatley I am spending all my time with photography these days in lieu of doing the things I should!

Wildlife Photographer said...


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