Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kitten Update

Barbara (who might be a Bobby, still can't be sure!)

Alice, the cuddliest and hardest to photograph
They are still here, much to my surprise.  They have been let out of the bedroom in which they were sheltered for the first two weeks, now given the run of the place, although I try to keep them out of the master bedroom as much as possible so it remains Katrina's domain.  She is still not comfortable with four pint-sized furry beings who tumble about playfully and wonder at this larger black cat who hisses at them if they get too close.  No matter, they pretty much leave her be and go on about their kitten business, exploring every available nook and cranny.  So far, the upholstery seems to be standing up well against tiny, climbing claws.  The glass topped coffee table is a great delight, both for lying on top of and playing underneath, sometimes both at the same time with 2 or more participants.  The sound of little paws galloping back and forth across the room is magical, it is the sound of happy cats.

Lillie, tied with Barbara for most photogenic

Buckingham, whose ear is magically blue in this shot

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Jane Perala said...

They're so adorable!