Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loot from Port Stanley

A quick post tonight because I've got to get busy and finish my Bag of Beads challenge piece for the big reveal tomorrow night (stay tuned for more on that exciting subject in the next day or two)!!

Here's what I brought home with on Saturday after shopping in Port Stanley with my friend Barb:

4 scrolly green glasses with a fleur de lis pattern that you can't really see in this photo:

A rusty fishing line (for which I paid too much, according to Barb's husband, who told me when we got home that he has lots of similar chain out in his back shed I could have had for free!) and a little vintage metal adhesive holder:

A picture of the Eiffel Tower:

A silver-plated biscuit holder with a beautifully ornate lid:

that I got for a mere $5.00 because it has quite the dent:

but I knew I wanted it even before I saw the beautiful engraving on the side:

And last but not least, some decorated file folders:

because really, who doesn't want a picture of a bird wearing a crown?

1 comment:

Laura Twiford said...

The biscuit holder is fantastic, I would have taken it too no matter the dent!