Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Theatre of Dreams

I attended the second Art Paper Dolls class at the Bizzy B store this past Saturday, taught by Laura Haviland

As with the first class, Laura provided us with a beautifully decorated file folder and an envelope containing all of the pieces we would need to make the doll. 

We loved the collaged picture she did for the folder so much, we convinced her to teach a class on making art journal pages like that!

The doll we made this time around is called "Theatre of Dreams". Here's what the sample Laura made for the class looked like (which Laura very kindly gave me permission to photograph and share):

It's very cleverly crafted to attach to a spindle so it stands up.
rear view
As usual, I did not finish my art paper doll. Laura and I were discussing the phenomenon of not finishing towards the end of the class.  It's partly because I work slow and like to plan out my piece first, taking my time to cut out the various pieces and decide what will go where and how I am going to decorate it.  Plus I find that there's usually something that I'd like to use that I don't have on hand in my travelling art kit, so I want to wait until I get home to use whatever that might be.  But it's also because it's so much fun to do, that you almost don't want to finish it, because then it's done and it's kind of sad to be finished.  Do you know what I mean? But not to worry, I will finish it in the very near future and I'll post photos when I do.

My friend Marilyn, on the other hand, works very quickly.  She finished her doll:

and then decided that she didn't really like it. So she took it apart, revamped it on the inside and finished it a second time!
Here's a picture of everyone's dolls in various stages of completion at the end of the class (the one lying down at the far right is mine), together with a couple of other dolls Laura has made.

Here's a picture of Laura and me (don't ask me what is going on with my bangs, I have no idea!):

All in all, another great class in a great store.  Many thanks to Barb (the owner of Bizzy B) and Laura for a wonderful afternoon.

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Laura Haviland said...

Cynthia my dear friend...
What is there to say to such a lovely blog posting ?
You make me want to try harder and create.
I am so grateful to have have met you and your such a sweetie.
Thank you so much for sharing your day and we had such fun.
This truly touches a special place in my heart.
Big Hugs, Laura. xoxx
P.S. Teesha and Tracey,I am so thrilled for you !!!
Please keep in touch lovely talented you..