Saturday, April 9, 2011

Port Stanley

My friend Barb asked me to take a road trip with her today to the historic fishing village of Port Stanley, on the north shore of Lake Erie, about two hours west of Toronto.  She was looking to buy a particular rug which she knew a store in that area carried.  I went along for the ride because I knew there would be cool stuff to see, and I wasn't disappointed.

It was a lovely early spring day, not quite warm enough for me to regret wearing my winter coat but the sun was out, the roads were dry and we had a fun day.  I'm quite weary tonight so I'll have to save the details until tomorrow's post but I can tell you we checked out the place with the rugs, did a little shopping in the local antique and gift shops, bought some freshly made hot cross buns in the local bakery and had lunch near the beach.  The wind was strong and cold off the water so we didn't walk on the beach, just drove by and had a look.

Our last stop in town was the fish market, where Barb bought some freshly caught yellow perch to take home.

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