Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding

In case you haven't heard (and/or have been living in a cave for the past month or two), there's a royal wedding happening on Friday. HRH Prince William is marrying Miss Katherine (Kate) Middleton.

In honour of the occasion, I went looking for these photos, thinking they were taken when William's mom and dad, Chuck and Di, got married. My parents invited people over to watch it on TV. Everyone dressed up, no one seemed to mind that it was 5 o'clock in the morning, we drank champagne and orange juice and toasted the happy couple.

When I found the photos, I realized I had written on the back of one of them that it was, in fact, the birth of Prince William we were celebrating, not his parents' marriage. Which makes the date June 21, 1982. Nevertheless, still appropriate to this week's festivities. I remember we had a pool about what his name was going to be, everyone picked various royal names out of a hat.

Once again, we all dressed up in our finest. My friend Maryann and I focused on a red, white and blue theme. Notice our white gloves, very chic.

Here's a picture of my mom (in a New Year's Eve tiara and a royal blue velour housecoat), my grandmother Evelyn (my dad's mother) in her pillbox hat and a rather fancy outfit (that makes me wonder where she got it from, did she bring it with her when she came to visit and if so, why?!), and me.

You will notice the woman on the right in the next photo is wearing her bustier outside of her clothing. Not sure if this was where Madonna got the idea or not.

Diane, Pat, Jean, Cynthia and Ruth
The lady on the right in the picture below wore her own wedding dress, which she had since restyled and worn several times as an evening gown. The woman second from the right, you will notice, is wearing a raccoon tail on her hat. This is the height of fashion here in Canada, some will tell you.  Don't believe them.

Maryann, Evelyn, Margot, Shirley and Doriann
Also notice that everyone is holding their hands in a very royal manner. The queen is such a good role model for us all, is she not?

I certainly wish Wills and Kate the very best for a long and happy marriage. It can't be easy living life in a fishbowl, although they seem to have managed very well so far.

Not sure if I will be awake at 3 a.m. on Friday to watch it all unfold, might need to rest up for class at Art & Soul but we'll see how it goes. Heather and I are driving to Hampton today, about a four hour trek. Hoping to stop in colonial Williamsburg on the way.

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