Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Major Snowstorm That Wasn't

Weather forecasters and news reports have been warning us for several days about a BIG storm headed our way, telling us to expect the most snow we've had in 3 years and "near blizzard" conditions.  I was all excited, thinking I'd have an excuse to work at home in my pyjamas all day.  Carted home several files last night, stayed up late, thinking I could sleep in this morning.  I even woke up around 4:30 a.m., turned on the radio and listened to dire warnings about staying off the roads and tales of snowplows try to clear the major highways.  School was cancelled for many regions, the police were urging people not to drive if they didn't have to.  I turned off my alarm, rolled over and went back to sleep, secure in the knowledge that a snow day was on its way.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up two hours later, turned on the radio and heard that the storm had passed through much faster than anyone had expected with not as much snowfall as predicted.  Damn!  I jumped up, got in the shower and headed off to the office.  A quick and easy drive, seeing as so many people had decided to stay home.

Oh sure, we got snow and some places got quite a bit but not us here in the city.  I looked out my window this morning and I could still see one little bare patch of sidewalk in one spot!  Yes, it was bloody cold, the wind was blowing the snow around quite a bit and the roads were snow covered but it really wasn't anything unusual for February in Canada.  It definitely wasn't anything near to a "snowmageddon".  More like a "snow big deal." 

The weather also helped bring about predictions for a early spring from 2 famous groundhogs here in the Northeast - Wiarton Willie (Ontario) and Punxsutawney Phil (Pennsylvania).  Although this Wikipedia list of 2011 predictions from 25 rodent prognosticators suggests the split is about 14 to 11 for an early spring vs. 6 more weeks of winter.  Let's face it, folks, here in Ontario, we have at least 6 weeks ahead of us, if not more, before we're out of the potential for a real "snowmageddon" (and if you live in Alberta, the land of snow in July, it's never safe!!).

Regardless of the weather, my dear friend Heather is celebrating her birthday today, so I'm sending a shout out and lots of love to her (she's the young looking one on the left in the photo below).

Plus I'm celebrating a major milestone of my own today - I am pleased to report that as of yesterday, I've had 20,019 visits to this blog and 29,336 page views.  Thank you to all who visit from all over the world to read my various musings and especially to those who comment and share your thoughts and opinions and kind words, it is always very much appreciated.


HDD said...

Hm Diane mentioned your supposed snowstorm. BUT north of me they have gone through Cyclone Yasi. And it has decimated places from the coast heading in to far north Qld and into the Territory as a very heavy rain carrying low. So far reaching. Just thankful we were ok down here. Hade enough of water & rain in Qld. Hard to imagine we were in drought 2 years ago!

Heather QLD

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Hi Heather. Sorry to hear you all are suffering so much from weather issues down there in Australia. When I visited in 2006, the unofficial drought was about year 3by then so it's hard for me to imagine all this rain you are now having. Keep safe!