Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Collaging with Baby

As someone who likes to make collages, it had actually never occurred to me to actually do it with live objects until I got this email today at work, featuring the photography of Adele Enersen.  Adele hails from Helsinki, Finland and apparently started taking pictures of her sleeping baby while on maternity leave.  These photos are somewhat reminiscent of Anne Geddes' work but all the more clever because Adele creates the landscape to surround the sleeping baby using whatever objects she has on hand, as compared to the staged photos created by Geddes.

If you check out Adele's blog here, scroll down to see some equally cute pictures of baby Mila when she is awake.  The Christmas one is adorable but my favourite is the one from Dec 13th where the baby is learning to crawl or maybe fly. :)

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HDD said...

Hey they are gorgeous Cynthia