Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We got some snow today in the city.  All around us, people have been digging out from days and days of major snow but we've been spared until today.  But even the snow we got today was pretty minor, nothing really to write home about, except for the fact that today was the day everybody realized it was winter and we were going to have to deal with weather now and again.  Yes, you guessed it, time for the annual, "I don't remember how to drive in snow" day. 

So it took me half an hour to drive 4.5 km home from work, instead of my usual 10 to 15 minutes. Actually, it took me 20 minutes to go two blocks, after that it was smooth sailing for the rest of the way.  Oh, the horror!  Not.  Especially not when compared to those poor folks who were trapped in their cars, in some cases, for more than 24 hours near Sarnia, where close to 300 cars were stranded or abandoned along the highway. You can read about it here:  Stranded in the Snow.  (you might want to give some thought to packing some blankets and snack bars in your car, plus a candle for light and warmth, a cup to pee in and a cup to melt snow in for drinking.  And whatever else you think you might need if you were to find yourself suddenly spending the next 24 hours alone in your car waiting for the army helicopter to come to your rescue.  Don't forget, you'll also need your Blackberry so you can update your Facebook status during the ordeal!)

Except how funny is this? I went look for a photo to post here showing motorists stuck in the snow and here's what came up:

I might need my eyes tested but...uh...I don't see a single bloody snowflake in this picture, do you??? WTF??? (I'm not kidding, here's the link:  Motorists-stuck-in-snow-in-Sarnia-wait-for-help).

Okay, this is more like it:

Photo by Beth Campbell/MyNews.CTV.ca
The good news is, all of the stranded drivers are believed to have now been rescued and no one was injured. 

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