Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

Having a quiet Sunday at home with Max.  He has spent a little bit of time on my lap but not as much as usual, mostly hanging out in the laundry basket, although he hasn't been sleeping very much but seems to be sitting watchful.  Every hour or two, he hops out to have a few bites to eat after meowing at me to come watch him eat.

I'm glad I'm not at work today as my mind isn't too focused on anything particular.  I actually cleared off my entire desk and filed away a small batch of miscellaneous papers that was piled on it (of course, there are several other, much larger piles still to be done but that will wait for another day).  I've been on a bit of purging mode, shredding old phone bills and credit card statements and the like, enough to fill a very large shopping bag - very cathartic.

I went looking for Xmas cards (which I usually buy during the Boxing Day sales the year before then put them away in what seems like a logical spot at the time but always involves a major search the following December) and found instead a box full of soft, cuddly Christmas Beanie Babies from about 10 years ago. 

Not sure why I have kept them all this time but as cute as they are, they are not doing anybody any good packed away in a box on my closet shelf.  First thing tomorrow, I shall be taking them to work with me to donate to the toy drive.   There are children out there that could use something to cuddle. 

For now, I've still got my Max.

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