Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Check Line Cord"

When I went home last night, I had no dial tone, no Internet connection and my call display read, "check line cord".  Which meant that after 354 days of posting this year, I missed a day.  Drat.  So much for that gold star for perfect attendance this year.  Oh well, c'est la vie, we'll blame it on "technical difficulties".

I called Bell from my cell phone and spent some time on their automated system (Lord, how I hate those things, especially the verbal ones) to try to request a repair, only to get to the part that says, "please check the jacks in your house because if we find out it's an inside problem, we're going to charge you $87 for the service call".  So I unplugged my phones and plugged them in again but that didn't change anything.  Hoped it would correct itself overnight but of course, it didn't.

Came in to work this morning and printed off the instructions to do a proper check, as I'd really like to avoid any unnecessary charges.  Although given that I live in an apartment building and wasn't home all day yesterday to do anything that might have disturbed or damaged my phone jacks (which were working fine on Sunday), I don't see how it could be an internal problem.  Also checked with the super of my building and no one else had reported any phone issues but he said it could be as simple as someone knocking out the jack in the shared facility room that services the building.  So we'll see.  Will go home and double-check my jacks again tonight and then call for a repair.

If you don't hear from me, you'll know it has come to this:

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