Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Treasure Box

Kate McKinnon has been putting some more treasure boxes up for sale in recent weeks.  Once again, there was one I simply couldn't resist.  Here's how Kate described this collection of goodies, "made up of a nice sturdy cigar box with a slide-out lid...Inside the box was a charming owl sugar bowl, and a FABULOUS little bowl by Allison Shock (

Also included was a stunning Sarah Moran glass bead, a work of art in itself- bold yellow and red, with a green galactic wormhole under a clear bubble in the center. Both sides are the same, which is to say mindbendingly cool.

And just for the heck of it, a pretty little hunk of rutilated quartz. Why not?

Gift-wrapped (in two parcels- Allison's bowl is in the box with pink spots, and the owl, quartz and bead are in the Saint Louis Rey box."

We had an owl cookie jar at home when I was a kid. I shall have to ask my mom if she still has it, it would be interesting to see how it looks together with the sugar bowl.

The Allison Shock bowl is the coolest.  You can see it in the topmost picture, on the left - that's how it looks upside down.  It is the most delightful thing, quite the work of art, I am so thrilled to have it.  I met Allison last year at Kate's and she is lovely, I'm glad to have something that she made.  She is so very talented.  I have also long wanted to own something made by Sarah Moran (Sarah's website), she does amazing things with glass, so I am quite excited to add that to my collection of lampwork beads as well.

Photos by Kate McKinnon.

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