Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Family Christmas Party

Going to the annual family Christmas party means setting the table for dinner:

dressing for cold weather:

wearing your best Christmas dress:

seasonal jewellery:

fancy shoes:

and maybe a bow in your hair:

You might not always happy to be there at first:

but eventually you're having fun:

There's always several cooks in the kitchen:

and lots of choose from for dinner:

followed by a whole lot of yummy desserts:

You might sit at the kiddie table:

or with the adults:

It isn't just Santa that wears a red suit:

One of your cousins might try to make you laugh by making silly faces:

but it's just as fun to check out the Silly Bandz:

There's always lots going on:

and there might be serious conversation at times:

Not everyone will agree with what you've got to say:

but usually you just grin and bear it:

There's always someone taking a picture:

but often everyone is all smiles:

Later on, you put on your pyjamas for the ride home:

and that's it until next year.  Happy Holidays to my wonderful family, it was great to see everyone! xo

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