Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Good Luck

I entered my name in a blog giveaway last Friday which was being held by Andrew Thornton as part of his birthday celebration (imagine, someone who gives things away when it's his birthday - how generous is that?!?) and I was totally excited today to find out that I had won! 

Here's a picture of all the fabulous goodies I am going to be receiving from Andrew:

Every time I read the description of what is contained in this collection (see Andrew's original post here:, I notice something I didn't notice before and I have to go back to the picture and find that item.  For instance, just now, I saw the words "vintage buttons" - ooh, where? where?  It was the skulls that first caught my attention but the more I look, the more I see and they all sound fabulous.  I shall be watching my mailbox avidly for the next little while until these treasures arrive.

I heard about the giveaway by way of Kate McKinnon, who mentioned it on her blog (thanks, Kate!).  I first heard about Andrew a few years ago from Kate and quickly became a regular reader of his blog. He's a very interesting guy, a true artist who expresses his talent in so many different ways - through photography, writing, cooking, painting, and by designing and making jewellery, often in collaboration with his sister Cynthia (got love her name) for their company, Green Girl Studios, just to mention a few.

I was lucky enough to meet Andrew last year at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee and spend a few minutes chatting with him at the GGS booth.  He is just as interesting in person as he is on the Internet and his kindness and gentleness of spirit are immediately apparent.

I've added a link to his blog on the right hand sidebar, in case you want to check him out. But be warned, he often posts photos with descriptions of meals he has made or tasted in his travels and it is always enough to make your mouth water enviously.  Throughout our recent trip to France, both Kate and I had a running joke about how we had to take a picture of what we were eating "to send to Andrew", knowing he would have enjoyed the culinary delights we were experiencing.

Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your birthday celebration with me by way of this extra special giveaway gift.

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Sharon said...

Congratulations! The pendulum is turning for the good! Sharon

P.S. My word verification was "dullaz" hmmmm. Ha Ha.