Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shutter Keepers

(I'm conducting an experiment in this post. My friend Kate McKinnon pointed out to me that she was unable to "click to enlarge" (or "clickenzee to embiggen" as Kyle Cassidy would say) the photos in my blog postings and suggested I should fix the setting to enable this feature. But I couldn't find any such setting. After Googling the issue, I learned that this problem is "a known issue" with Blogger, one that causes photos to become "un-clickable" because I have dragged and dropped them into place. The solution, so they say, is to cut and paste the HTML code instead.

If you look at yesterday's post, you'll see that you can click to enlarge the photo at the top of the posting but you can't do the same with the rest of the photos. That's because I left that first photo in place after it was uploaded, it didn't need to be moved anywhere. So here are several photos that I will position by cutting and pasting and we'll see if this proposed solution works.)

In France, we noticed they have the cutest little metal holders to keep their shutters open, often in the shape of people. They can be flipped up or down. In the "up" position, they hold the shutter open against the wall.

Sometimes it's a male, sometimes it's a female:

You can see the female's long, wavy hair when the shutter keeper is flipped down:

I found one that looked rather like Father Christmas:

and this one is the more basic version:

We looked high and low at the vide greniers to find one or more of these objects to bring home with us (which wasn't easy, considering we didn't have the words to ask for them but often had to resort to mime and our quite rudimentary French to try to get the message across) but to no avail. We stopped short of visiting the French equivalent of Home Depot to see if they carried what we wanted, as that seemed a little too easy and would have taken the fun out of the search. But alas, we never did find any of them. The search continues...

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