Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Box From France Has Arrived!

Big excitement at the end of the work day yesterday when the box I mailed from France arrived. It looks a little battered but it's all in one piece. I was quite impressed that it only took a week to get here. We knew our boxes wouldn't go out until Friday when we visited the post office last Thursday afternoon, as the postal truck was just pulling out as we were driving in. Incredibly, Dawn's two boxes reached her home in Tennessee this past Tuesday, while Doriot's arrived in San Diego on Thursday. No word on the fate of Kate's and Meryl's boxes just yet.

I'm trying to remember what's actually inside the box I sent myself. I am delaying the opening of the box until later today, just to enjoy the anticipation a little bit longer.

I took this photo of the contents as I was partway through filling it:

There were some old books and maps, three bars of lovely lavender and oatmeal soap that was the first thing I bought on the first day we were there, at the Saturday morning farmers' market in Revel - Gwen introduced me to this soap last time I was in Durfort in 2008, three bars lasted me an entire year! - the metal first aid box I bought at one of the vide greniers and the game box with the key, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap as I couldn't actually remove the key from its slot and wanted to be sure it didn't get damaged in transit, and a large piece of fabric that Gwen gave me.

But there are other things in there as well that I added after I took the above photo. As far as I can remember, there is also a metal soap dish in a lovely mauve shade, slightly rusted and aged looking, several watch chains, a half dozen men's cotton handkerchiefs in various muted plaid patterns.

I can't wait to open the box and view my treasures!

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kate mckinnon said...

I picked up both of my boxes at the PO today and they were pretty beat up but intact! It was fun to unpack them. The extremely rusty tin you gave me disintegrated a bit more on the trip, but it's still intact. Excellent!