Friday, September 3, 2010


Another day in France, another village, another church.

Today we visited the village of Lautrec (the capital of pink garlic, if you can imagine), which I thought was the birthplace of the painter Toulouse Lautrec but when I Googled him, I learned he was born in nearby Albi, where there is now a museum about him (we might travel there next week, ran out of time today). One article I read said he never set foot in this village! But apparently his ancestors hail from here - here's the Wikipedia link FYI. ( I am perplexed to find that the guidebook of this area that Meryl left behind has no mention of this wonderful medieval town with its walls and ancient buildings.

We arrived in time for a delicious cheese plate lunch (with the sweetest honey I have ever tasted to dip the cheese in, an interesting taste sensation) at a restaurant called Cafe Plum, then spent some time wandering about the town. Of special note was the windmill overlooking the town. According to the brochure, the windmill dates from the 17th century and was restored in 1991. It is one of the few windmills in this region that is still working.

A path behind the windmill led up to a 360 degree lookout point with a statue of Jesus on the cross and two other people, known as the Calvary of La Salette. Sadly, I wasn't able to find out much information about this interesting spot.

After exploring the town (and petting a cat with the most beautiful and unusual russet coat), we headed back to Cafe Plum for a cool drink and a bit of dessert. What a treat that was! Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream - french vanilla in its natural environment, oh so good!!

On the drive back to our home in Durfort, we stopped at church called St. Jean to take some photos.

Then home for a light dinner and an early night, as tomorrow, we are heading toward the Mediterranean to search out more vide greniers!

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