Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quiet but Productive

We had another quiet but wonderful day today here in Durfort and accomplished several important tasks.

We all got up early to say bon voyage to Kate, who caught the 7 a.m. bus from Revel to Toulouse and then was taking the train to Paris.

Dawn and Doriot went back to Ann Mason's studio this morning, for Dawn to make a new scarf and for Doriot to finish the one she started yesterday, which has quite an intricate border on it.

While they were gone, I decided to get myself organized as far as my suitcase and flea markets purchases were concerned. We had each purchased an extra large box at the post office to mail goodies home (Kate and Dawn actually got 2 boxes each!) The beauty of the mailed box is that for 41 euros, you can put whatever you want in the box (as long as it's legal, of course) and there is no weight limit (as compared to a 50 euro charge by the airline for a second suitcase. Granted, one could fit more stuff in a suitcase but this way, we are forced to control ourselves to a certain extent). I filled my box up today with old books and maps, fabric, soap, a metal first aid box and a games box) and could barely lift the thing but the woman at the post office didn't bat an eye when I handed it in. Nor did she seem at all surprised when we arrived with 6 boxes in total to send off. Now we shall wait and see whose box gets delivered first - will it be Arizona, California, Tennesse or Toronto with the fastest delivery?? (many thanks to Doriot for the post office photos)

We had lunch at the local cafe again, a small quiche lorraine about six inches round for 3 euros - you really can't beat the price and we are glad to support the local economy. We had been told that on Thursday nights, men play boules (the French version of bocce, with smaller, metal balls) in the town square and everyone hangs out at the cafe. We headed down just before 10 pm and indeed did find two matches going on but no other onlookers so we didn't stay long. But still, we went, we saw, we absorbed the oh so French atmosphere.

It was a strange weather day today. It was raining steadily but lightly when we drove Kate to the bus and since then, it has been alternately clear and sunny with periods of light rain showers off and on all day. Rather cool but not uncomfortable.
After visiting the post office in Soreze, we walked about the town a bit, where we discovered a crane installed beside the Abbey ruin that wasn't there last week, waited out a brief rain shower in the book store, went to the convenience store to stock up on provisions - fresh bread, yogurt, goat cheese, some ingredients for the soup the ladies are making for tonight's dinner and several boxes of coconut cookies we have discovered that are so delicious!! There are only 14 small cookies in each box, which is why we need several, you understand. Doriot bought 3 boxes to take home as gifts, although I am convinced they won't make it that far. We literally emptied the shelf of this type of cookie, hopefully they will stock up before our next visit. A quick trip across the street to the bakery for some fresh croissants (plain and chocolate) and various pastries for dessert tonight and then home again to start making dinner.

Drinks and snacks up in Gwen's charming apartement on the 3rd floor and then dinner all together downstairs, a delicious, hearty bean soup made by Doriot and Dawn - what a wonderful way to spend an evening, laughing and talking about all manner of things, making plans, telling stories.
P.S. My work colleague, Tracy, has been looking after my darling Max while I'm gone and very kindly sends me photos and updates every couple of days. Unfortunately, there is no resident cat here at La Cascade although we've seen plenty on our outings. Met one today in Soreze named Bumbles who was more than happy to let me scratch his ears and pet him. But I do miss my Max and look forward to seeing him in just a few more days.

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J9F said...

I can't believe it's almost time for you to return home! what a bummer as it sounds like you've had an awesome trip!