Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beaucoup de Vide Greniers

We have shopped 'til we dropped the past two days. 2 flea markets yesterday and 2 more today.

This morning, we left the house before 8 to head to a little town called Saissac which is about 20 minutes away. Some people were still setting out their wares when we arrived but many were ready and willing to take our money in exchange for their treasures.

We finished up there about 10:30 and drove back to La Cascade to drop off the two large needlepoint pictures Kate had bought, one of which just barely fit into our car with the four of us as well. But where there is a will, there is a way!

After a quick bathroom break and a change of clothing for some to accommodate the suddenly very warm weather (today is the hottest day yet, we've been so lucky with the weather, not a drop of rain so far and barely a cloud in the sky most days and it's a dry heat, not a humid one), we headed off to the second vide grenier, about 15 minutes in another direction in a place called Lac de L'Enclas. This was a very large collection of vendors, most of whom had set up in open fields and my Lord, it was bloody hot. I got so hot, I just couldn't shop any more, can you believe it??

We then went back to St. Felix Lauragais (the place with the beautiful church), sat outside at a cafe on the town square and listened to two beautiful young Frenchmen (one of whom looked very much like Russell Crowe) sing the blues. We drank cool drinks and ate homemade ice cream and just enjoyed ourselves immensely. Afterwards, we took Dawn over to see the church, which was just as fabulous the second time around.

A quick trip to the Soreze bakery for tomorrow's bread (because most shops are closed on Mondays here, after being open every other day of the week) and oh look, a craft sale and flea market in the town square across the street from the bakery - how delightful! A small purchase of a few vintage maps of Paris and it was time to go home to spread all our goodies out on the table for show and tell, followed by another delicious meal made by Dawn and Doriot.

Another fantastique day in France and still a whole week left to enjoy!! But I'm hoping for a quiet, stay at home day tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit like this cat we saw today - I'd like to find a quiet spot to stretch out and relax!

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