Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Safety First

I just got home from the dentist, after having an old filling replaced. My jaw is just a little bit achy now that the freezing is wearing off but the good news is, I don't have as much silver in my mouth any more and I'm glad about that because no matter what they say about the safety of old style amalgam fillings, I have to believe that the less metal you have in your body, the better. Plus, I like the way my smile looks now with white stuff where the silver used to be.

Speaking of metal and safety (great segue, eh?), if you've ever worked with precious metal clay or thought about working with it, you need to watch this video that the very talented and incredibly informed PMC guru Kate McKinnon has just posted on YouTube. Not only is it easy to understand and very informative, you can play "spot the Godzilla" while you watch and for those of us in the frozen North, enjoy the background chorus of singing birds.


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kate mckinnon said...

Hey, is that a picture from France?

Thanks for the mention of the video! I'll run it on a loop on my laptop at Bead and Button.