Monday, February 22, 2010

Isn't It Ironic?

It's a great song by Alannis Morrisette (who did not perform at the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics but perhaps they are saving her for the Closing Ceremonies this weekend?)

It's also an amusing website, as we now know if you read yesterday's Beadfx blog entry - thanks to dragonjools for sharing this gem:

I had my own ironic encounter yesterday. First, a little background - I bought myself a shredder a couple of years ago. I thought if I was going to be throwing away papers with my name and personal information inscribed on them, I should at least shred them up into small pieces first.

Since it was a lovely, sunny winter afternoon yesterday, I took myself out for a walk about the neighbourhood. As I was coming home, within less than 50 yards of the door to my apartment, I happened to look down at a tiny scrap of paper on the brown, frozen grass beside the sidewalk and saw this:

A little tiny scrap of paper with my name on it! I thought I had given due consideration to the fact that you can't just slide a piece of paper into the shredder any which way, you have to be sure to orient the paper in such a way as to avoid cutting something in such an angle that it accentuates, rather than obscures, the very information you are trying to hide.

As for the fact that I was the one to find this piece of paper beside the sidewalk? Ironic, don't you think?

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