Saturday, February 27, 2010

February ROM Visit

I went to the Royal Ontario Museum for my monthly visit last night. One of the temporary exhibits currently showing features the work of Dan Perjovschi. He is a Romanian artist who draws political cartoons directly onto the walls of the museum. It's called "Late News" and features his take on current world events.

I liked this handwritten addition to his biography, about how he lives in Bucharest and in his notebook. It makes me think he must spend a lot of time doodling!

I'm not entirely sure how this exhibit works, since it opened February 22and is scheduled to run until August 15th. As you can see from these photos, his drawings cover the walls in the 4th floor gallery but they are rather topical to what's happening in the news this week. For example, several of his drawings had to do with the Olympics. Given Canada's multiple gold medal performances today, I thought this one would be most appropriate to share with you:

I'm guessing that the artist will need to make frequent visits to either add to or replace the current drawings. I don't know if they will paint the walls over and over or if he will just add things in to the blank spaces. I shall have to check out this gallery again next time I visit and see if anything has changed.

And in case you were wondering, I did not go to see the new bat cave! I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to walk through that exhibit. But I did like the way this photo turned out, of the almost full moon peeking out beside the giant sign on the front of the building advertising the arrival of the bats and how spooky it looks with the museum's architecture.

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