Thursday, February 11, 2010


Contrary to yesterday's post, Maggie isn't actually in town just yet. Turns out she was delayed since she is stuck in the snow in Virginia!! I'm told she is booked on a flight for today that is due to arrive in Toronto at 5 p.m. and everyone at Bead Junction has their fingers and toes crossed that she will arrive safely, in time to teach the class scheduled for Friday.

Now, we Canadians are wondering (with tongue in cheek) why a little bit of snow is causing all this trouble for our neighbours south of the border. Then again, my friend Heather sent me this picture of her husband Andy out in the snow and as you can see, it is almost up to his waist! That picture was taken on Sunday, before the next layer of snow arrived. Apparently they got another six inches overnight into today and the wind kicked up today, making it all blow around in a very dangerous fashion. Plus you have to remember, they're not used to getting snow down there and they don't have the snow removal equipment that we have up here, so the roads don't get cleared as quickly or as well as they might here in the frozen north. So really, it's not hard to understand how it is that Maggie's plane didn't get off the ground today.

Due to Maggie's absence, we were treated to a short talk by Naomi Smith of Black Tulip Designs (, one of our Society members, who has been chosen to attend the Olympics as a demonstrator in the Aboriginal Artisan Village. It was quite interesting to hear how she had been invited to submit a proposal to attend and her excitement at being chosen, and what items she has chosen to take with her to show and sell. She's very excited at the prospect of sharing the beading traditions of her ancestors with visitors from around the world. She has been keeping a journal about the experience and will continue to do so while she is out in Vancouver and has offered to share excerpts with us when she gets back.

Here's another picture of Andy in the snow with their dog Jelly. You have to admit, that's a lotta snow!!

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