Monday, February 8, 2010

Page Swap

In addition to swapping paper goods and ephemera with my fellow Remains of the Day classmates, some of us are also swapping finished pages. Here are some pictures of the pages I made to send.

I wanted to be sure to include some Canadian content, so I attached a picture of a bottle of maple syrup to one page, together with some descriptive text. I stuck it on the outside of a City of Toronto security envelope, with the city logo covering the inside, and added a little bit of decoration to frame the clear window with a butterfly in it.

On the back side of that page, I used this very old advertisement for a Canadian vacation from a National Geographic magazine circa 1939, if I remember correctly (the text talks about an upcoming visit of the King and Queen, so it's definitely prior to 1952 when Queen Elizabeth inherited the throne). The headline reads, "Canada Calls You to a Cool, Uncrowded Holiday" - we still have those qualities to offer our visitors, especially this time of year! :)

For the second page (my swap partner suggested we exchange two), I used turquoise cardstock paper, which is a little thicker than regular paper. I attached some funky polka dots and stripes and a picture of a model in an orange dress and sneakers. I really like the orange and turquoise colour combo and the way they contrast with the black and white graphics.

On the reverse side, I used a stamped page that I had made in a class a few weeks ago, which included a couple of quotes. One says, "No journey is too great if you find what you seek", another "Sometimes on the way to our dreams, we get lost and find a better one." On the flip side, I attached another stamped piece I had made, which reads, "Take a chance. Then take another one. Then another one..."

As you can see, I left areas of bare space on the pages for the recipient to add her own words and images. I hope she will enjoy including these pages in her journal.

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