Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Collage Creation

It's Thursday night, so I must be somewhere taking a class. :)

Tonight, I'll be at C1 Art Space (Queen and Ossington), enjoying week 3 of 4 sessions on collaging and mixed media. So I thought I'd share this collage I made the other night, which is the result of our first week of instruction. I call it "Looking Within".

During the first class, our instructor Sandra had demonstrated putting pictures behind cut out images. I found myself with the yellow piece in the centre, which looks (at least to me) a bit like a spider web, wanting to put the eyes peeking out from behind it. I found another set of eyes and then a third and the words "look" and "vision". The theme of self-examination just sort of grew from there. Mostly because of the text I used, which are various quotes on the topic. I have a book of quotations and looked for entries on "seeing" or "vision" but "self-examination" was the closest thing I could find. For example, the one shown in the closeup photo says "Observe thyself as thy greatest enemy would do, so shalt thou be thy greatest friend." (Jeremy Taylor)

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