Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Stanley Cup Party 2013

In case you didn't know, when a hockey team wins the Stanley Cup, each of the players gets to have the trophy in their hometown for one day (a tradition that began not so way back in 1995).  Naturally, most of them use it for special events with the charities they support and to celebrate with friends and family.

Sunday, July 21 was Mike Kitchen's day (although in actuality, he really only had it for about 12 hours). You can read about how he spent his morning and afternoon here.  In the evening, he brought the Cup to a local tavern in the small town nearest to the cottage road where our families have properties and invited 422 of his friends and family to join in the celebration. And what a party it was!

The Cup arrived in an SUV and Mike himself took it out of its storage box and carried it into the party.

Mike carrying the Cup through the patio area
It was then placed on a table in the main room and people began lining up to have their picture taken with the Cup and/or Mike.  Of course we wanted our friend Mike in our photo!

After an hour or so, Mike carried the Cup outside to the stage where the live band (called The Royal Pains, who wrote about their experience on their website - check out their photos, two of which include yours truly! They were a great band and very understanding about the fact that they were not the main attraction) had been playing and there were a few speeches made.  Mike talked a bit about the accomplishments of the Chicago Blackhawks throughout the past hockey season and their quest for the Cup and thanked everyone for their support over the past 34 years of his career in the NHL, which have been spent as both a player and a coach.

I had this photo taken while the talking was going on.  That's the Kitchen family standing behind me.

Then the Cup was carried back inside so everyone who hadn't already done so could have their picture taken with it.  There was a professional photographer taking the pictures, which will be available online for everyone to get their copy as of tomorrow.  At 11 p.m., the Cup was carried outside and returned to the Keeper of the Cup (there are actually 4 men who shared this official job title; in this case, it was Walt Neaubrand) who was going to be returning it to Chicago the next day.
Me and my sister Janine with you know what.
I thought another day might help me find the words to describe how awesome this party was but I just don't think I can do it.  Suffice it to say, it might have been one of the best parties I have ever attended. Everyone was so happy for Mike and his family and so excited to be there, the energy was palpable, we were so pumped up.  I walked around with a big grin on my face most of the night and everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing.  I felt really honoured to be able to take part in the celebrations, it was such an amazing evening.  We are all so very proud of Mike, his wife Jill and their daughters Amy and Megan - it was a thrill to be a part of this special time in their lives.

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Al said...

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for the mention and the link to our site. Your retelling of the day's events was bang-on.

We had a great time that day! It was a once-in-a-lifetime honour to be asked to participate.