Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sixty Percent Done

I am 60 days along in the 100 Faces in 100 Days challenge.  Some days, I just don't like the results but more often than not, I really do, which is exciting.  I can definitely see progress and I continue to really enjoy the process.  Here are some of my recent successes:
My interpretation of a drawing
done by Dina Wakely

When I gessoed over the sprayed/painted background of this page, it seemed as if there was a face wanting to come out - can you see it?

This is what I drew.
I'm finding it challenging to draw eyes the same size or evenly spaced lips.  In reality, we all have one eye larger than the other - one of everything is larger than its mate on the other side of your body, actually, but it seems that discrepancy is sometimes made even more exaggerated when I draw certain faces.  For example, I tried to even out the size of this woman's lips on each side of her mouth and ended up making her look like she'd had too much Botox or something as a result!  I'd like to paint over it but don't want to mess with the scuba diver on the background that just happened to end up on her chin.

Hmm, wonder if Picasso or Rembrandt ever had to worry about these sorts of things? Ha! Probably not, especially with respect to the scuba diver.  Not to worry, I shall persevere!

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