Friday, November 14, 2014

Haiku My Heart: A Gift to Myself

Bags packed, ticket bought
Ready to fly away south
Art and warmth await.

Actually, truth be told, my bags aren't actually packed yet and not just because Suzie has decided the lid of my suitcase makes an ideal nap spot (a spot which all three of the other cats have since tested and enjoyed as well!).

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I've been running errands and trying to get things done in the evenings after full days at work, taking care of all the little things that need to get done before one goes away for any length of time.  Laundry, keys to cat sitter, stocking up on cat food and litter, etc.  Because my birthday is coming up in just a few weeks time, there are also things like driver's licence and health card renewals to be sorted.  Last weekend's art classes with Limor Webber were great but consumed the entire weekend, with little time or energy left to do anything else and certainly not to prepare for this trip.  Plus I haven't been sleeping well lately, averaging only about six hours a night, as my mind whirls with details and lists, while still adjusting to the switch to daylight saving time (anyone else lost an hour's sleep every night since then?!)

All of this added up to a stressed and worn out little old me, I've been feeling tired and run down and grumpy about anything and everything. I woke up yesterday morning feeling bone weary, not sure if I could even get through the day. Definitely feeling like I need a vacation but not wanting to arrive at my destination frazzled and cranky.  So I decided to give myself an early birthday gift. I am taking one extra vacation day (my last one for 2014!) and using it today to slow down, relax and putter as I pack. This extra day gives me time to savour the process of choosing what items I'm going to take with me, try on different outfits and challenge myself to take as little as possible while still being prepared for all the eventualities of Mexico in November (warm days, cool nights, very little rain expected).  I'll have time to play with my art supplies as I choose which ones I want to take with me. Time to finish a journal I've been making that I want to take with me to record the week.  Time to double check my lists and make sure the wheels won't fall off any of the carts while I'm away. Time to go to bed early before getting up at oh-dark-thirty to get to the airport in time for my 6:30 a.m. flight tomorrow, instead of being awake until past midnight hastily cramming too much stuff into my suitcase in a last minute scramble to make sure I have everything I might need.  Such a treat.

By dinner time tomorrow, I'll be safely arrived at my destination, relaxed and enjoying a margarita with a couple of old friends and meeting new ones, ready for whatever adventures await us in the week ahead.

Looking forward to spending time with Orly Avineri and Rebecca, the one who brings us all together with these Friday haikus at recuerda_mi_corazon.


carol l mckenna said...

Oh ~ do have a wonderful time! Happy Trails and Creating ~ xoxoxo

artmusedog and carol
A Creative Harbor

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, happy travels and happy "arting"!

Lea said...

Oh Cynthia! I am so happy for you, for this day of puttering, the are the best, and for your adventure with Rebecca and the others in beautiful San Miguel de Allende! I can't wait to hear about it! As MMT said, happy arting!

foxysue said...

I notice all the comment headers here are green the perfect colour, I'm green with envy for your trip with our lovely Rebecca, have a wonderful time...x

Nonnie said...

aah, yes, we need to listen to our bodies telling us to slow down and rest. have a magical creative time with art and warmer temperatures.

gma said...

Enjoy a lovely stay in San Miguel.

Gillena Cox said...

Have a nice trip Cynthia

Much love

Mark said...

By now you have reached your destination. May your time in San Miguel be all that you hoped it would be, and much more!

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