Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Weekend With Limor Webber

Enjoyed taking three classes taught by Limor Webber at Bizzy B this past weekend.  It's not often we get a Canadian instructor in mixed media but Limor hails from Edmonton, just a short plane ride away.

In the Friday night class, we made this gorgeous butterfly painting called the "Fly Away Mixed Media Canvas".
Lots of layers, lots of paint and new techniques and getting our hands dirty - loved it!
Here's the class with our finished canvases:
Saturday was all day class, spent making two abstract canvases.  We painted two 20 x 24 inch canvases, very large, very intimidating - especially when faced with the blank canvas at the beginning!
This one was the first one I painted and it seemed to take forever to finish but eventually I did, thanks to Limor, who helped me over the rough spots and was full of encouragement and assistance whenever one or the other (or both!) was needed.
Here's our group at the end of the day - as usual, completely different results from each artist but using the same techniques!
This second canvas took less time but was still somewhat challenging.  Thanks to Limor's suggestions, it looks less busy than it started out to be.
The group with their finished paintings:
The fun part was that the whole thing was painted not with a paint brush but with a palette knife! Here's Limor giving us a demo, with her own painting in the background.
In Sunday's class, we worked on two layouts on canvas that could just as easily have been done on paper.  Unfortunately, we didn't have time to finish either one but I'm looking forward to getting back to them at some point in the future; will post photos when they're done.  Here's Limor and I at the end of the three days, happy but weary!
Thank you, Limor and Bizzy B, for a fabulous and very artful weekend!

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