Thursday, November 6, 2014

2 Cute Cards

A few weeks ago, my friend Dianne gave me these two pieces of scrapbook paper she had decorated with ink and cute stamps of dogs and cats. I knew right away they would be great to use to make a couple of cards for the Facebook group I belong to that sends cards to random people each week who need a bit of cheering up while facing life's challenges (illness, bereavement, etc.)

I added some coordinating accent paper and lace and here's how they turned out:
I was delighted to hear that our two recipients this week were a mother and daughter, one dealing with cancer, one with being a caregiver.  I like the idea of these two cards arriving in the mailbox at the same address at the same time (hopefully the postal system can make this happen!), for each lady to enjoy.  I've been told they both like critters so they should enjoy the animal designs!

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