Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Store Called Mixta

I don't quite know where to begin sharing my photos of last week's trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, so I'll just start with this place which has been on my mind for the past several days.

It's the building that houses a store called Mixta.  The store itself is quite interesting, a fascinating mix of clothing, artwork, vintage furniture and artifacts, novelty gift items, household furnishings and jewelry.  Quite a delightful shopping experience, as you can see from their website.  I also found this blog post written in 2012 by a woman named Robin which provides a bit of the history of the building as well as several photos of the store itself.

When we visited there this past Saturday morning, I wanted to take all of these items home with me, especially the wooden four seater:

But what I really love is the building itself, which dates back to the late 1700's, according to the store's website.  Like many places in San Miguel, the beautiful entryway
(complete with a stunning mosaic tile floor)
leads into an even prettier inner courtyard.
There are several rooms that open off the courtyard, most of which are open to the public and are to display the store's various wares and some of which are not.  Pretty doors like this one lead who knows where.
This room has the most amazing artwork on the walls. I'm pretty sure the design is painted on, rather than wallpaper (but I could be wrong!).
Next time I go back, I'm hoping to have more time to explore this fascinating building. And of course, check out whatever goodies the store has to offer!

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