Monday, January 13, 2014


The theme for this month's Journal Junkies meeting, the first for this new year 2014, was transformation.  As a starting point, I felt compelled to "transform" these two pages I had made using a gelli plate and a Dina Wakley stencil several months ago into a completed journal page.
I cut out the figure on the right hand side and was going to attach it beside the white silhouette but I didn't like the way the white figure looked, so I added some purple colour to it using an Inktense pencil and a rubber stamp with purple ink first.  I also added some stamped images over top of the white blobs on the left half of the page, as they seemed to stand out too much.  I used a matching teal coloured ink which working perfectly (as suggested by my friend Dianne, who very kindly lent me her Adirondack Ink in that shade and another Dina stamp to use - many thanks, Dianne!).

Once the 2nd figure was added it was still a bit too monochromatic, even with the purple shadow image, so I cut a dress shape out of another gelli page and added that on top.  Then it felt like she was complete.
I finished the page with a title along the top and right hand side, and added a handwritten quote on the left, which reads:  "To change who you are, change who you think you are."  (Jonathan Lockwood Huie)

As it says on my journal page, "transformation" is also my word for 2014.  Stephanie Lee wrote an excellent post describing the recent trend among artists to choose a word for the year, you can read it here.  In this case, the word chose me, even before I focused on starting this journal page.  I'm not entirely sure what I might be transforming this year: my body, my finances, my decor, my artistic style, my lovelife (or lack thereof!), my activity level.  Anything is possible!

I'll share my fellow Junkies' pages in tomorrow's post. Stay tuned.

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