Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Documented Life Project

I was catching up on my blog reading on the afternoon of New Year's Eve and came across an entry on Lindsay Ostrom's blog telling about The Documented Life Project that she had read about on Roben Marie Smith's blog.  Robin and four other artists, Sandi Keene, Lorraine Bell, Rae Missigman and Barbara Moore, who call themselves Art to the Fifth, are each using a Moleskin weekly planner to document their life in 2014 and they have invited people to join them in doing the same.

You can read more about the project here. It's free to take part and/or to join the Facebook group, which I would highly recommend, even if you don't intend to create a planner, just to see all the amazingly creative art people are making in response to the weekly challenges (and it's only January 5th!).  If you are so inclined, there is also a $12 mini online course available which provides suggestions for how to decorate the cover of your Moleskin and how to add monthly tabs and extra pages.

Instead of a Moleskin, I am using the day planner I described here on my blog in yesterday's post, which is a day planner from 1947.  I'm excited about the idea of decorating my planner and incorporating the weekly challenges suggested by the DLP group.  Today I added the monthly tabs to my book and I'm quite excited with how it turned out.
I cut the tabs out of scrapbook paper by hand, having first made myself a template.  As you can see, I have several types of stamps that have the months of the year on them:
but in the end, I decided to use a set I bought from Traci Bunkers, as I really like the funky font.  The papers I used have a vintage look and many have green tones, which compliments the green used on the book pages.
I then pasted the left over bits of paper onto today's page, just for fun.

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Danielle said...

I just love the journal you are patient you are to hold onto it until the right project came along.....your tabs are really cool. Looking forward to seeing more of your project.