Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More Decorated Doors

Here are the other decorated doors from the contest we had at my workplace just before Christmas.

There was Rudolph
and a Winter Wonderland.
This pretty door featured messages about things for which the creators were grateful.

Our drinking, crack-smoking mayor featured prominently on this door, "the Christmas cracker".
Santa riding on a motorcycle (posted on the door of one of our senior executives who just happens to have a motorbike, using his face!)
This one was a little harder to photograph.  They "set a table" on the door.

This one with Santa in the chimney featured our company president's face as Santa.
I thought this one with the deer tangled in the Xmas lights was quite amusing!
And the winning entry?  This one, with Santa getting stuck going back up the chimney.

Sure, it's cute but is it better than my team's "We 3 Kings" entry?!  Maybe, maybe not.  I'm guessing the photographs of several of the company's senior executives on the mantel probably swayed the vote in their favour.  Just saying! ;)

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