Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No Activity Today

All was quiet on the construction site outside my window this morning.

I suspect it was because it is so bloody cold outside.  Minus 27C with the windchill.  There must be a threshold; when the temperature drops below it, they don't work.  It has to be minus 20 or less, because yesterday when it was "only" minus 18C, there they were, bright and early, moving dirt around.

I had noticed they didn't work the first week of January. I thought maybe it was because they had a 2 week break for the holidays. I suspect now it was because of the extreme cold we had that week as well.

They said on the radio yesterday that we are only a third of the way through winter so far.  I sure as heck don't envy these guys having to work outside all day for the next few months.

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