Monday, January 6, 2014

The Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2013

Things were so busy in the last half of December, I didn't have a chance to post about the door decorating contest we had where I work.

We were randomly divided into teams.  In the spirit of "bah, humbug!", some teams chose not to participate at all but most did.

My 5 co-workers and I decorated three doors, side by side.  Can you guess our theme?
Nat King Cole door
Elvis Presley door
Michael Jackson door
Scroll down for the answer.

I'll give you a hint - it wasn't "music".

Keep scrolling.

Do you need another hint?

Okay, here it is:  it's the name of a Christmas carol.

Did you guess right?

Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of the other doors from the contest, as created by my talented co-workers, including the one that won first prize.  (Can you believe we didn't win?! I still think we should have, but then again, I am not an impartial judge!)

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