Monday, March 4, 2013

The Latest Kitten Caper

Now that Belle Matisse and Belle Cherie are older (they are 10 months old now, so hard to believe!),  they are larger and taller.  Taller means tall enough to stretch up and look inside the waste paper basket, but not quite big enough to jump inside without knocking it over.  But still small inside to crawl inside.

Don't believe me? I have proof.
Look, I can fit inside!

Look, I can fit too!

Are we going to have to clean this up?
Hmm, wonder how this paper will taste?
Maybe just a little bite...
When is it going to be my turn again?

Who me? I'm just lying here looking cute...

Extra points in a kitten caper if you can get one of the older cats to play along.  Here's Matisse trying to convince Maggie to get involved (she didn't):
Come on, it'll be fun, just go inside!

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