Saturday, March 16, 2013

Singing in the Car

The Scintilla Project - Day 3: Talk about a time when you were driving and you sang in the car, all alone. Why do you remember this song and that stretch of road?

I sing in the car all the time when I'm alone but the best memory I have about singing in the car is a drive from Toronto to Kingston that I took several years ago with the husband of one of my best friends from high school.  I can't remember the exact year, we would have been in our late twenties or early 30's, before they had kids.  She had gone back to school in Kingston and I was going to visit her for the weekend, catching a ride with her husband.  I'd known him since she started dating him in high school and we always got along quite well but I don't think we had ever actually spent any time alone together, let alone in the close confines of a long car trip.
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It was awkward at first but over the course of next three hours, we both started to relax as we chatted about lots of things (none of which I can remember all these years later).  At some point, we started singing along to whatever the music was coming from the radio.  Or maybe it was a cassette tape we were listening to, I don't even remember what music it was.  All I remember is both of us singing along, no holds barred, and how much I enjoyed having someone to sing along with in the car.

That was many years ago and I'm still looking to find a guy of my own to sing with in the car but that doesn't stop me from singing along by myself whenever I'm driving. 

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