Saturday, March 23, 2013

Art By Flashlight

I always feel a bit silly celebrating Earth Hour by myself, sitting in the dark all alone.  Sometimes I think, why bother?  Then again, if everybody thought that way, there wouldn't be millions of people around the world doing it, not to mention the 13 million Canadians who joined me in turning off the lights last year.

Here are my blog posts on the subject from 2011 and 2010.  (Not sure what I did in 2012, apparently I didn't specifically mention Earth Hour last year.)

Here's what I did tonight - I sat in the dark with just a large flashlight shining on my page and drew a my clock.

The sound of the ticking was very meditative, as everything else was so quiet.  Even the cats were quiet, they thought it was nap time.  After the hour was over and I turned the lights on again, I added the watercolours - I wanted to wait until I could look up a photo of the globe online. Goodness knows where the continents would have ended up if I'd left it to my imagination!

Of course, once the lights went back on, the cats got busy again.  They decided they needed to check out the water for the paintbrush (don't worry, it was before I used it) and oh yes, turns out Matisse was thirsty!

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