Thursday, March 7, 2013

Planes and Airports

I'm thinking about planes and airports today. 

Partly because today is one of the busiest travel days for March Break (so they said on the radio this morning) - they were expecting 100,000 people to cycle through Toronto Pearson Airport today on their way to a family vacation.  Some people are heading off to ski in the snowy West, some are flying south to warmer climates.

Partly because my boss' daughter flew off to China today on a school trip.  Can you imagine being 15 years old and heading off to some place as exotic as Beijing on your first solo trip without your parents? Pretty exciting stuff.  When I was in grade 12, I went on a school trip to Greece and Yugoslavia over March Break and the next year, to Spain and Morocco.  It was so much fun, I hope this girl has as good a time as we did back then.

Of course, it kind of makes me feel old to realize those trips I took happened more than 30 years ago.  I'm not quite ready for a rocking chair but if I was, I know where to find one - here in the central terminal at the Sea-Tac airport in Seattle.  They have a bunch of them right by the window so you can sit and watch the planes cruise in and out.  What a great idea!

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