Friday, October 5, 2012

Watch Video, Make Journal Page

My friend Lorraine sent me a link for this video posted by Pam Thorburn on YouTube.  I watched it today and then got busy making my own journal page using Pam's easy to follow, simple and very effective techniques. 

I watched the video all the way through first, then played it again as I made my journal page.  It took me a little longer than the 11 minute video to make my page, probably about 20 minutes altogether, as I first had to grab my supplies (which I did quickly and without too much thought - thinking about which paper or stamp to use just slowed me down, so I had to tell myself to stop thinking and just do!).  Then as I played the video, I would stop it from time to time while I did the various steps.  It probably would have been quicker and easier if I had everything on the table in front of me while I played the video but this is what happened when I tried that:

Yup, all four kittens wanted to help out!  So I would watch the video in the dining room where my laptop is, then step in to the kitchen to do the page while standing at the counter.  Where there's a will, there's a way!

First I glued down bits of paper.

Then I added a strip of striped wrapping paper with circles punched out (I love that part! Great idea, Pam!!)

After I stamped over the paper, I was sure I had ruined my page.  I used a stamp that looks like a sheet of music and it seemed wayyy too busy. 

But I persevered.  As Pam says on her video, just keep going. She also suggests that you could gesso over if you don't like the way something looks but I didn't bother.  As she says, it doesn't matter if it's not perfect, you learn from your mistakes for future reference. Almost every teacher of every class I have ever taken has said this and it is so true!

I added a picture stamp from a group of Artistic Outpost stamps that I had bought ages ago and had yet to use (so glad to finally put one of them in action!) as well as a tree and birds stamp in the bottom corner. Used my Inktense pencils to add some colour, finished off with a quote that Dina Wakley gave us in class last weekend and voila, here is the finished page:
Click on picture to enlarge
As you can see, for this first page, I followed Pam's video pretty closely, even using similar stamps, mostly because I loved the look of her little page but also, when you're learning something new, it helps to have a guide to follow - thank you, Pam!  I also love her idea about using paint sample strips - must get me some of those.  Next time, of course, I'll be just a little braver and more experimental with my page.  I already know there will be many next times.  I love these techniques and the quickness of getting a finished page. I also like the idea of using (mostly) dry mediums to do a journal page, sometimes you just don't have the time or the inclination to get out the paints and wait for them to dry, etc.  Plus I used a brand new, 6 x 9 inch journal to make this page, so I'll need to get busy filling up the rest of the pages! :)

Now if I could just find where the kittens put the lid to the glue stick...


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing your creation! It looks fantastic.I'm glad you appreciate the benefits of this quick and easy method of making art journal pages.To be honest I haven't worked in mine for sometime-and now you've inspired me to do some more!!

Patricia said...

Love the colors on this and the trees too! I'm an autumn kinda chick too ;)